Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL with Boot Cover


Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL with Boot Cover
Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL with Boot Cover10921

Designed For Leading Edge Work

The Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL is designed specifically for Leading Edge work. Its lightweight, neoprene boot cover is designed to provide increased durability, as well as protection against harsh environments or accidental impact. It also includes an integrated shock absorbing component that helps refocus forces away from the portion of the cable that comes into contact with the edge. While the ideal position for any attachment point is overhead, Leading Edge retractables play an important role in the construction industry because, frequently, the only viable attachment point is at foot level. Most SRLs on the marketplace are not certified for such applications, but the Heavy Duty Edge is no common SRL, and holds up against even the toughest use.


  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Includes protective boot cover
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA & ANSI standards
  • Composed of stainless steel & non-corrosive components


Part #SizeProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs)
10908 20' 1” Nylon Webbing w/ Carabiner, Swivel Top & Boot Cover 11.00
10911 20' 3/16" Galvanized Cable w/ Swivel Top, Swivel Snap Hook & Boot Cover 11.00
10913 25' 3/16" Galvanized Cable w/ Swivel Top, Swivel Snap Hook & Boot Cover 12.00
10916 30' 3/16" Galvanized Cable w/ Swivel Top, Swivel Snap Hook & Boot Cover 15.00

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