Remote Anchor Connector

01840 - Remote Anchor Connector
01840 - Remote Anchor ConnectorStep 1 - 01840Step 2 - 01840

Safely Install An Anchorage Connector From Ground Level

The Guardian Fall Protection Remote Anchor Connector functions to safely install an anchorage connector from ground level. Used in combination with a VLA or SRL (sold separately), the user connects their VLA or SRL to the system aluminum hook anchorage connector, then uses the system telescoping pole to raise the aluminum hook anchorage connector up to a compatible structural anchor point. The user then connects their full body harness to the VLA or SRL, and can climb up to the work surface while fully protected.


  • Safely install an anchorage connector from ground level
  • Includes: telescoping pole, hook opener, & hook


Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
01840 Remote Anchor Connector -

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