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Can the Pro-Pole Adapt to my existing Alum-a-pole system?

Yes, the All Pro Pole and All Pro Connector are compatible with Alum-a-pole and Werner.

Is the All Pro Pole less expensive than Alum-a-pole or Werner?

Our All Pro Pole is competitively priced and much more durable than that of the Alum-a-pole or Werner, with the thickness of our product being .140 (compared to .125 for the Alum-a-Pole and .120 for the Werner Wall).

Can you use Steel pump jacks on All Pro aluminum poles?

No, you cannot. Steel pump jacks will fit on aluminum poles, but they will cut and damage the rubber facing and the aluminum pole which would void the product warranty.

How high can I go on the All-Pro System?

A maximum of 48 feet. So any combination of 6', 12', 18', and 24' Poles joined together with a 6-foot pole connector that would amount to 48' would be the limit (e.g., One 24' Pole + One 18' Pole + One 6' Pole Connector = 48' All-Pro System).

How far apart can I place my poles?

This depends strictly on what you use for a walk plank (e.g., If you use a O.S.H.A. approved two man 500 pound rated walk plank that is 24' long, you can place your poles 22' apart, which allows for a one foot overhang on each pole). To determine this distance for your poles, please contact our Technical Help experts!

How many braces do I need for each pole?

A minimum of two braces is required. At the bottom and top of each pole, and at other points as necessary. For poles longer than 24', install bracing every 12'.

What do you use to clean the rubber surface on an aluminum pole?

Rubbing alcohol is recommended to clean the rubber surface on the pole.

How long does it take to set up an All-Pro System?

This depends on how much experience you and/or your contractor have with pump jack systems. An experienced crew can set up a basic system in 30 minutes or less.

How much weight can a pair of WallWalkers hold?

WallWalkers are rated at 250 pounds each or 500 pounds per pair.

Are fall protection attachments available for the Wallwalkers?

Yes, WallWalker handrail posts and WallWalker toe boards are available.

Are there height restrictions when using the Wallwalker system?

There are no height restrictions as long as local and federal requirements are being followed.

How do you remove the WallWalkers from the wall when the blocking has been installed?

The WallWalker has been uniquely designed so that the hook can be easily detached.

How far does the Wallwalker horizontal beam extend away from the wall?

The horizontal beam extends 44" from the wall. This allows for sufficient room to cut standard tails and fascia board while standing on the WallWalker platform.

How far apart can I put each WallWalker?

As far apart as the length and duty rating of your plank will allow. Basically, the length of the plank, minus 2' but no more than 20'. However, the distance between handrail posts should not exceed 8'.

Can the plank height on the Wallwalker system be adjusted?

Yes, it can be adjusted with or without removing the plank (e.g., California CSO Section 1645(e)(5) requires minimum 20" plank).

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