Strip Fast Shingle Remover

Strip Fast Shingle Remover
Strip Fast Shingle Remover

Ergonomic Design with Vinyl Grip Handles

Our 'Strip Fast' Shingle Remover possesses an ergonomic design with vinyl grip handles, rugged steel construction, and a hot tempered work edge. This product is lightweight and versatile. This particular model of shingle remover is a general purpose shingle for steeper roofs with a 47-1/2” long steel handle with ten teeth.


  • Ideal tools for removing fiberglass or asphalt roof shingles
  • All steel construction guarantees the toughness needed to perform the application
  • D-grip handle for extra heavy duty service & comfort
  • No heavier than competitive wood or fiberglass handle units
  • Both shovels feature replaceable, serrated tempered carbon steel blades & skid plates


Part #HeightProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs)
2570 47½” “Strip Fast” Shingle Remover 5.90
2571 27½” “Strip Fast” Shingle Remover 4.00
2572   Skid Plate Replacement 0.30
2573   Blade Replacement 1.00

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