Corner Buddy Ladder Stabilizer

Corner Buddy Ladder Stabilizer
Corner Buddy Ladder Stabilizer

Ideal For Providing Additional Stability On Corners

The Corner Buddy Ladder Stabilizer is ideal for providing additional stability for ladder work at corners, and at flat, round, or multi-dimensional construction surfaces. It easily connects to nearly any ladder, is lightweight, and is powder-coated for additional durability and weather resistance. The Corner Buddy is specially designed with rubber bumpers for added protection of the substrate to which it is placed against. If you’re in the market for a ladder stabilizer, there is nothing better available on the market than the Corner Buddy.


  • For use on corners, flat, round, & multi-dimensional construction surfaces
  • Easier access to gutters, downspouts & soffits
  • Adds stability & safety


Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
2470 Corner Buddy Ladder Stabilizer 5.00

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